Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vegetarian Vegan Protein Powder Coupon

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Vegetarian Protein Supplements are a new standard in the supplement industry. There is no longer just soy options for vegetarian athletes and gym goers, but rather pea protein, rice protein, and hemp protein powders.

True Protein Gemma Pea Protein Isolate non-GMO

True Protein Vegetarian Pea Protein :

Gemma Protein Isolate Powder is extremely high in Leucine, Arginine, and Glutamine, along with a balanced amino profile. It is clean tasting for a Pea Protein, and mixes extremely smoothly with a lighter texture than Whey powders.
Gemma Protein Isolate is derived and isolated from peas and its natural protein fraction, which possesses a low level of denaturing and is very soluable (mixes very well). Gemma is NON-GMO, low allergenic and gluten free.

As dairy prices continue to rise, vegetable-based products like the new Gemma Protein will begin to change the protein industry.

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True Protein Rice Protein Concentrate non-GMO

True Protein has expanded its vegetarian and vegan product base once again with another non-dairy complete protein powder, our new Rice Protein Concentrate! The product is hypo-allergenic, easily digestible, and great tasting. The material is derived from non-GMO whole grain brown rice, with an amino acid profile correlation of 97% as compared to a Whey protein.

True Protein Hemp Protein Powder

True ProteinSoy Protein Isolate non-GMO

True Protein’s Soy Protein Isolate is derived from defatted soybean flakes, but ultimately from non containing genetically modified organisms (non-GMO) soy beans. Soy Protein Isolate is extracted through a process of mixing soybean flakes with water or a mild alkali in a pH range of 8.5. The protein is then processed through precipitation to create a curd, then it is washed and spray-dryed to yield the isolate. This process leaves the end isolate very high in protein, around 90%.

Recently Soy Protein Isolate has been in the media spot light, due to clashing opinions about is qualities and benefits. Through research, we at True Protein feel that Soy Protein Isolate has its place in the fitness arena. Soy Protein Isolate one of only a few proteins derived from a non-animal based source. This is very important for our vegetarian customers who greatly need a complete protein, but are not willing to use one from an animal source. Our Soy Isolate is also non-GMO, meaning the soybean where never genetically changed or altered, many experts believe non-GMO soy beans make food better tasting, and more nutritious.

Soy Protein Isolate also has many unique characteristics. Studies have shown that a diet including soy products greatly reduces the chance of heart disease. Soy Protein Isolate also contains high levels of isoflavones, which have been found to have anti-estrogenic properties, which are very important to active men and women.

We recommend you mix Soy Protein Isolate within many of your custom mixes. It possesses a fairly bland/earthy taste, is very economical, and makes a custom mixture very well rounded for various benefit reasons. Soy Protein Isolate is fairly thick and mixes easily with a shaker or blender.

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